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Andrew Smith op ASAS-dag 04-10-2014

Faye Cossar en Andrew Smith zijn als speciale gasten vastgelegd voor de ASAS-dag die op 04-10-2014 plaats zal vinden in Antropia te Driebergen. Tijdens het ochtendprogramma zal Faye een lezing geven over astrocartografie en bijpassende duidingstechnieken. Klik hier voor meer informatie over haar lezing. 's Middags zal Andrew middels een interactieve workshop zijn visie geven op de samenhang van tijd en ruimte in de horoscoop. Hij constateert dat astrologen vaak nadruk leggen op tijd, bijvoorbeeld in de transits, en daarbij weinig aandacht schenken aan lokaliteit. In onderstaande tekst geeft Andrew zelf een voorproefje op zijn workshop.

Space-Time: The Geography of Astrology – a transpersonal practise (vertaling)

Astrology has been almost exclusively concerned with time as being the agency carrying our psycho-spiritual growth process. With the development of humanistic astrology in the mid twentieth century, the importance of an individual’s consciousness driving the manifestation of the archetypal potential imbued within time allowed astrologers to return the person to the centre of consultation practice.

When considering the transpersonal nature of consciousness it becomes clear that we do not simply exist in a specific location at a specific time, but we are deeply connected to all living (and non-living) things across all space and time. Our life is not simply contained within our physical bodies but extends across time and space as we draw into our Field people, ideas and circumstances that trigger a multitude of growth possibilities. Those people and circumstances into not only support our spiritual growth during certain periods of time, but those ‘messengers’ originate from, or reside in, a location in space. Therefore any change that occurs within you and at a moment of time also takes place within a spatial framework. Yet the spatial component of our internal psycho-spiritual process remains infrequently written about, and often not practiced, within astrology.

Based on nineteen years of daily client practice combining location with standard humanistic techniques, this interactive workshop is a discussion and demonstration on how to use locational astrology as a way of deepening your and your client’s holographic experience of life.

This workshop is intended to use a lot of case studies and give tips on how to use locational astrology in a practical manner, so please bring along your birth chart, or provide Dick van der Mark with your birth details well in advance of the day and an astrocartographic map of Holland and the world will be provided for you.

About Andrew

Having received a Master’s degree in Geography in 1993, Andrew committed himself to full time study of astrology and has been a full time consultant astrologer based in Dublin, Ireland for the past 19 years. He has been fortunate to run an extremely busy practise, engaging with private and corporate clients alike. He writes extensively for numerous magazines and websites, focusing his attention on bringing the wisdom inherent within astrology to the non-astrological community through his classes, writing and workshops. He is the co-editor and producer, along with Eric Meyers and Armand Diaz, of Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, published in 2013. He is married to astrologer, Karen Morgan and has two children.

55 Rock Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
M: +353 86 882 3554 | SKYPE: dastroc